The Tickets Project has its origins in the Florida hurricanes of 2004.
Conversations with responder friends in Florida's emergency services
community drove home the point that too many of you are familiar with,
that while the larger counties had CAD systems as their emergency
response workhorse, the smaller communities did not. ("The Good Lord
must love smaller counties; He made so many of them.") Here was a
clearly unmet need, as well as a golden opportunity to demonstrate the
usefulness and versatility of Open Source Software.

The earliest versions drew enough interest and downloads to convince
us that the need we perceived was real, and that we shd proceed.  The
current release has capabilities that none of us at the early adoption
could expect to see.

We realize that Tickets isn't for every operation (what CAD package
could possibly do that?)  We understand that the cost of commercial
CAD products can pose a real hurdle to many organizations - whether
volunteer or career - that really could use a capable CAD product in
their operations. Tickets may be able to help you clear that hurdle,
and make scarce funding available to meet other needs.

For other users, dissatisfied with the capabilities of available
proprietary CAD's, here's a chance to obtain the source code and
revise the package to meet special needs.  Or else, to be in contact
with developers willing to listen to their expressed needs.

So c'mon aboard.  You'll be in good company!

Some of the many features of Tickets includes:

  • Any browser, any web server, any OS.
  • Under continuous development and upgrade since 1994.
  • Free (although donations gratefully accepted!) and Open Source.
  • Oriented to use by volunteer and career teams with budget 'challenges' and limited availabiity for formal training.
  • Capabilities based on user needs and feedback.
  • Chat, maps, directions, GPS tracking, extensive email/SMS/messaging capabilities.
  • In world-wide use; provisions for adapting to local terminology and language.
  • Use with mobile devices.
  • Optional member administration module.
  • A no-Internet option.

Did you know that for qualified users the Tickets project will provide hosting for your Tickets install completely FREE of charge? Well it's true! We will install Tickets on one of our hosting servers and email you the access and login information once it's ready!

Limitations - Currently. the servers are NOT protected with SSL certificates. This is something we hope to provide in the future, funding permitting. We CANNOT use a 3rd party SSL provided by you as the certificates are tied to the domain they are installed on, so they won't work. We also do not currently provide any database backups. Again, it's something we hope to implement once there is funding for it. In the meantime we provide phpMyadmin as well as a customized version of Sypex Dumper for you to backup your database. We do not currently AUTOMATICALLY upgrade your Tickets install when a new version comes out, however if you fill out the Hosting Upgrade Request form on the site we will perform the update for you as time permits. Since this is a manual process please allow a few days for this to get completed. As this is a volunteer, FREE service, we make NO guarantees as to merchantabiltiy for ANY use, uptime of the systems, integrity/security of your data, etc. We do our best to keep everything up, running and secure, but can not be held responsible for ANY problems beyond our control. If you need something more mission-critical it is suggested that you run it on your own systems, whether in-house, or a hosted VPS. You can contact our hosting department for more information if needed.

Who qualifies?

Well, basically most non-profit and/or volunteer organizations (Small PD, Fire, EMS, Ham radio, etc.) will qualify. If you are a PAID operation then most likely you will NOT qualify. In this case you can install it on your own server, or if you want you can contact our hosting department and speak to them about getting a server for you and installing Tickets for you. We work closely with some of our hosting providers and can usually get you a discount on hosting. And if you are a GAMER looking to use TicketsCAD for your gaming endeavors, we appreciate the support, but we do NOT give hosting for such scenarios. Be aware that ALL applications MUST be completed truthfully, ALL required fields must be filled in, and all applications will be vetted by one of the TicketsCAD group members before approving any applications.

How do I apply?

Simply click on the link that says Contact Us and fill out the Hosting Request form and we'll take it from there. You will USUALLY get a response within 48 hrs, but it may sometimes take longer. While we are pretty flexible on who qualifies, it is ultimately the decision of the TicketsCAD group that decides who does/doesn't qualify. So go ahead and apply, we look forward to helping you out!

Click HERE to take TicketsCAD for a test drive! Just login with username guest/password guest. We've already loaded some demo data for you. Enjoy!

All versions of the Tickets Source code (not just the current version), as well as the add-ons and installer build files, will be hosted on our Assembla workspace. Click the button below to visit us on Assembla!

Assembla Workspace